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For Sale

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Look forward to seeing you at the sale. Visitors are always welcome.

Sale at Dixson Farms
Saturday, Febraury 17, 2018

Photos now online - scroll down to view!


Ultrasound and Base Prices will be coming soon

Klein E05 - Lot 18
GW Premium Beef 012TS x TJ 25U
API 156.1, Ti 71
Homo Polled and Homo Black
ASA # 3241523
Klein E31 - Lot 35
CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z x Z21
API 132.9, TI 81.6
Homo Polled and Homo Black
ASA # 3280932
Klein E32 - Lot 3
CDI ACE 223B x DX Vermont 17U116
API 158.4, TI 82
Heterozygous Polled and Non-Dilute Red
ASA # 3280930
Klein E33 - Lot 34
CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z x Y009
API 131. 9, TI 79.3
Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled
ASA # 3280902
Klein E34 - Lot 2
CDI ACE 223B x DX Velvet 62U109
API 138.8, TI 74.5
Homozygous Polled and non-dilute red
ASA # 3280929
Klein E36 - Lot 33
TJ 530B x DX America 80A318
API 145.5 , TI 81.1
Homozygous Polled and Homozygous Black